Saturday 23 January 2021

Murder and Machinery - Cogs in Motion

Mechanical Madness and Technological Terror!

Join Black Beacon Books as we celebrate the launch of "Murder and Machinery", an anthology of horror, suspense, sci-fi, and steampunk all about - you guessed it! - murder and machinery. There'll be interviews, chats, competitions, and sneak peeks galore! 
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Lock the doors and switch the power off at the mains!
Tales of deadly machinery have long fascinated us, from Edgar Allan Poe’s classic pendulum to the Terminator films.
Murder and Machinery pays homage to this tradition, offering you gripping tales following this theme but set in different times and places, from colonial America and London during the First World War to dystopian futures on this planet and beyond. Never before has an anthology brought tales of science fiction and suspense together in such a terrifying way, showcasing the nightmarish imagination of authors who know how to play on the reader’s fears and who share those fears of uncontrollable machines, or perhaps even more frightening, of fellow humans mastering technology for their own evil purposes. A word of advice before you start. By all means, settle down in your living room and let this anthology of technological terror and mechanical madness enthral you, but first, you might want to lock your doors and switch the power off at the mains. Best keep it low-tech tonight. Trust me. I hope you have candles?
★ Crime   ★ Sci-fi / Steampunk   ★ Horror   ★ Suspense   ★ Historical