The Black Beacon Book of Horror features dark and disturbing tales from some of the most original and imaginative authors writing in the genre today. These tales of psychological, supernatural, folk, gothic, and cosmic horror will usher you into the darkest of realms and leave you there to fend for yourself.

You'll lose your way in abandoned houses and hospitals, and be trapped on stormy beaches and along foggy country roads. There are haunted dolls, creepy-crawlies, malevolent spirits, creatures of legend, Lovecraftian terrors, and the demons within our own minds. But as varied as the settings and themes are, each tale has that one essential trait; the power to make you glance over your shoulder just to be sure the terror hasn't found a way to leave the page.

Nominated for Best Edited Work in the 2023 Australasian Shadows Awards.

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Cover by Greg Chapman

The Guisers by David Turnbull
The House on the Bluff by Edward Lodi
The Choir by Kev Harrison
Ruby's Syzygy by Matthew R. Davis
Humus by Sam Dawson
Questions a Man Ought Not to Ask by Elizabeth Broadbent
Marjorie by Meg Belviso
Children of Blood by Greg Chapman
Quiver by Angelique Fawns
Cameo by Deborah Sheldon
The Great Invocation by David Schembri
Dominion by Jeff Wood
Divine Liquor by C.C. Adams
Landslide by Harris Coverley
Holiday Home by Cameron Trost
Her Mother's Lullaby by Micah Castle

"An extremely enjoyable anthology of 16 dark tales, with a vibe that reminded me strongly of the classic Hammer Horror films and the Pan Book of Horror anthologies of my youth. In some cases the payoff of stories was obvious from the beginning, but the journey to get to those payoffs was never anything less than engaging. There wasn't a single dud tale in this book... Highly recommended for lovers of modern and classic horror alike."
- Chuck McKenzie, five-star Goodreads review

"Sixteen stories, each telling a unique tale of horror. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of variety. Not only are the characters and the “monsters” varied, but the settings are, too. No matter if they take place in a car, an apartment, or an abandoned hospital, there’s no shortage of thrills and suspense in each. From folk tales to psychological horror, there’s something in this collection for every horror lover."
- Robin Knabel, five-star Goodreads review

"A thoroughly enjoyable anthology with some fantastic stories. Diverse, strange, spooky and unsettling."
- Steven Paulsen, four-star Goodreads review