Friday 25 November 2022

Submissions Window: The Black Beacon Book of Horror

Our next submissions window will be for "The Black Beacon Book of Horror".
The submissions window will be from the 1st of January to the 28th of February, 2023.
Patreon patrons are invited to submit effective immediately.
Oh, the horror! But what kind of horror do we want? 
We want your very best horror stories in keeping with the themes and styles that make Black Beacon Books stand out from the pack. If you don't know what that means, you probably haven't read any of our previous titles...we strongly suggest you do so. In short, our passion is for great plots, evocative settings, suspense and atmosphere, and clever twists. We want that creeping feeling of unease that grows to a spine-chilling climax. In terms of horror subgenres, these are what are most likely to tickle our fancies:
- Folk Horror (Black Beacon Books is based in Brittany and your editor loves all things Celtic and mystical, so folk horror from all around the world is likely to attract his attention)

- Psychological Horror (We are the monsters)
- Gothic Horror (Can you channel Shelley, Poe, Stoker, Gaskell or Le Fanu?)

- Weird Fiction / Lovecraftian (But it had better be original)

- Post-Apocalyptic (Make us fear the future)
We regularly post news on our Facebook page. You can also get a feel for what we like by buying our previously published titles. Publishing quality fiction is an expensive passion, so the more we sell, the more we can publish. It's that simple. Our cherished Patreon patrons also provide us with the means to keep producing quality books.


Friday 18 November 2022

Cover Reveal: Tales from the Ruins

You've been so wonderfully patient, and for that we thank you! But the wait is now over...

Black Beacon Books is proud to present the cover art for Tales from the Ruins, our next anthology and our first specifically post-apocalyptic one. It will be released late February next year, and as always, we'll be setting up a Facebook launch page and you'll be able to pre-order the anthology at a bargain price. For now, however, let's take a moment to appreciate the formidable cover. We hope you're as thrilled as we are! Don't hesitate to send a message of congratulations to the darkly delightful, Greg Chapman.



Thursday 17 November 2022

Social Media

Black Beacon Books has an ever-growing presence on social media. You can find all the links to our various pages right here: Take a minute to have a look and add us on your favourite platforms.


Sunday 6 November 2022

Tales from the Ruins: Our Post-Apocalyptic Authors

Black Beacon Books is proud to announce the table of contents for Tales from the Ruins, our post-apocalyptic anthology set to be released next February. Please note that the order of appearance is not necessarily final. This is going be a wild ride through ruined cities and landscapes with a host of hardy characters struggling to survive after the apocalypse. 

The cover art will be supplied by the darkly delightful, Greg Chapman...but we're going to tease you a little longer!


The Aftermath - Claire Davon

Hell Takes All Prisoners - Karen Bayly

Chasing the White Limousine - Kurt Newton

An Interlude in the English Civil War - David Turnbull

A Kissidougou Christmas - Michael Picco

The Fields - Mark Towse

Cast Upon the Water - Joseph S. Walker

Help, Scotland - Malcolm Timperley

The Deep End - Cameron Trost

End of the Line - Louise Zedda-Sampson

The Death of a Raccoon - Adam Breckenridge

Darkness at the Edge of Men - Stuart Olver

Sailors' Delight - Claire Fitzpatrick

Homecoming - L.P. Ring

More cataclysmic news soon...