FORTITUDE and COURAGE by Karen Bayly

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Author: Karen Bayly
Publication details: Black Beacon Books, 2024
Genre: steampunk
Cover art: Malgorzata Mika


New Londinium, the capital of the United Republic of Britannia, is the birthplace of the "clean steam" era and a haven for free-thinkers, progressives, and intellectuals. Its government relies solely on the advice of the Council of Danaeus, a collective of the world's pre-eminent scientists and inventors, to formulate the policies that make this city the most celebrated in the world. Yet something sinister is invading New Londinium - an immortality cult whose machinations to enslave all but a chosen few threaten to transform the city from a beacon of hope to a flagship of misery. So when the impoverished but undaunted Viola Winslow discovers her dead brother in a state of reanimation, she requests the assistance of renowned inventor, Doctor Parthena Ripley, and her feisty sister, Artemis Ripley Devereaux, to save him. However, it's not until Doctor Corazon Paget, the grande dame of the Council, disappears in suspicious circumstances and a series of explosions rock New Londinium that Parthena, Artemis and Viola truly understand the deadly game in play.


After the tumultuous events that saw the defeat of the heinous blood-drinking society of immortals, Immortalis Serapsis, Artemis Devereaux flees the United Republic of Britannia in her dirigible, Taygete. Alone, she travels the world searching for clues to the whereabouts of her undead husband. Her journey brings her to Terra Australis, ostensibly to attend the Great Southern Scientific Fair, but her arrival in this land heralds a change of fortunes. Old enemies resurface with their sights set on her capture, and the long-awaited reunion with Nathaniel is brutal. With her life in danger, Artemis must rely on new, untested friends while she waits for her sister and compatriots to fly in from New Londinium. However, the strange yet beautiful Terra Australis holds dangers and challenges for the entire gang, with life-changing and sometimes devastating consequences.

"Fortitude is steampunk at its finest. The characters have stunning depth, there's a ton of action, and the world Karen Bayly has created is imaginative and breathtaking. If steampunk is your thing you need to head to New Londinium to meet Parthena Ripley, her sister Artemis Devereaux, and the rest of the cast as soon as you can. You don't want to miss the ride."
- Jim X Dodge, author of Theta House and The Bite

"When I finished Fortitude I was blown away. When the promo copy of the sequel hit my Kindle I was super stoked. Just like the first book, Courage hooked me right away and never let go. I love the world these stories exist in and the character types are brilliant. These two books are great dramas, funny, tense, and ultimately exhilarating, In Courage you will learn more about the Immortalis Serapis, a villainous cabal bent on taking over the world and living forever as well as the complex heroes who take them on. You’ll also get to explore more of the unique technology that exists in this world so masterfully created by Karen Bayly. One other beautiful fact, one I’m excited about, is that these two books could easily spawn sequels, prequels, and side stories aplenty. If you enjoy The Parasol Protectorate books by Gail Carriger, you’re definitely going to love Karen Bayly."
- Jim X Dodge, author of Theta House and The Bite

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