Shelter from the Storm

Genre: Horror / Mystery / Suspense Anthology
Length: 137 pages / Published: June, 2018
Cover art and design by Cameron Trost

Kindle and paperback:,,

An anthology for readers who love stormy weather, whether it be the thunderstorms of the tropics, the tempests of the Atlantic, or the blizzards of the frozen north. Seek shelter, batten down the hatches, and lose yourself in this short anthology of suspense, mystery, and terror, designed to be read in one stormy sitting while the wind howls or thunder bellows.

Absinthe for the Soul by Danielle Birch
Deep-Sea Fishing by Claire Fitzpatrick
The Murder at Karreg Du by Cameron Trost
The Bells of St. Clement's by Stuart Olver
Creep's Motel by Jeremy Hayes
And Then There Were Two by Pym Schaare
The Inimitable Livers by Mark McAuliffe