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The Black Beacon Books of Mystery offer you, the avid mystery reader, a selection of the finest reprints and original tales from locked-room mysteries to noir escapades, armchair detective puzzles to police procedurals, and private investigator cases to historical mysteries. They feature unforgettable protagonists, clues, red herrings, foreshadowing, and the final unmasking; mysteries in which the reader can pit wits against the detective.


The Black Beacon Book of Mystery

Genre: Mystery Anthology
Length: 393 pages / Published: June, 2020
Cover art and design by Cameron Trost

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The Problem of the Snowbound Shack by Jon Matthew Farber
The Windless Halt Affair by Brian E. Guyll
The Case of the Reverse Thief by Paulene Turner
The Freak-Hunter’s Casebook by Kurt Newton
Sunset for the Tattooed Lady by Robert Allen Lupton
Avoca Mansion by Duncan Richardson
The Ghosts of Walhalla by Cameron Trost
The Vicar of Sexton’s Deep by Mike Adamson
The Pullman Case by John M. Floyd
50 by Josh Pachter
The Morrison File by Robert Petyo
Midnight by M. H. Norris
Step Light by David Tallerman

"Thoroughly enjoyed all the entries in this collection, with some of the standouts being the ultimate armchair detective story that was 50 by Josh Pachter, THE GHOSTS OF WALHALLA by Cameron Trost, the setting and the sensibility of this one was spot on, and the very creepy AVOCA MANSION by Duncan Richardson (nothing to do with the town down the road from me), this had another great sense of place, and style that was perfectly executed, and the Sherlock Holmes setting of THE CASE OF THE REVERSE THIEF by Paulene Turner which felt, read and seemed like an original story. As always though, it's not fair to just pick out a few stories in one of these sorts of collections. There's plenty here for fans of all sorts of settings, writing styles and scenarios. Highly recommended for crime fiction readers everywhere."
- Karen Chisholm,

"I was given a review copy of The Black Beacon Book of Mystery. After reading it cover to cover, I was again reminded why I’ve always loved diving into a good mystery. This anthology delivers an eclectic mix of stories with thrilling twists and turns that led me down a merry path to, at times, a deliciously hellish existence. The settings were varied and the characters nefarious and roguish, from bloody-minded detectives to circus freaks committing heinous crimes."
- Danielle Birch

"This is an excellent selection of stories to suit every mystery fan. Usually, with anthologies, I find there are a couple of stories I love, a few that I find uninteresting, and the rest I enjoy, but this one was enjoyment all the way."
- Karen Bayly