Feel free to contact us with any queries or interview requests. We're happy to provide ebook review copies to serious reviewers with a presence on Goodreads or who leave reviews on Amazon.

Reviewers: Send us an email with your name and email address. Write "BBB Reviewer" in the subject line. In order to have your review accepted on Amazon, we'll make the title available to download for free and inform you shortly beforehand. We also encourage you to post reviews on Goodreads and other social media platforms. Feel free to request a specific title in your email. Please provide social media links, including your Goodreads profile if you have one. Email: blackbeaconbooks(at)


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Cameron Trost is the founder and editor-in-chief of Black Beacon Books and a writer of strange and mysterious tales.

Our logo was provided by David Schembri
We highly recommend him for logos, book covers, and illustrations.


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