Subtropical Suspense

Genre: Mystery / Suspense Anthology
Length: 330 pages / Published: July, 2014
Cover art and design by Greg Chapman

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A Lasting Impression    FN Karmatz
Penelope Potter    Frank Ince
The Deluge    Gerry Huntman
Magnetic North    FN Karmatz
Scarlett Fever    Alice Godwin
Downpour    Sophie Yorkston
Missing    Kerry Lown Whalen
The Woman from the West    David Dolan
Living Statue    Barry Rosenberg
Incident in Wilston    Phil Brown
Like Me, The River    Duncan Richardson
Campus of Fear    Frank Ince
Cold Comfort    Sam Muller
The Final Cut    Linda Brucesmith
Blood on the Ice    Helen Stubbs
The Death, Rise and Deliverance of Greer Cabot    Kirk Marshall

Praise for Subtropical Suspense:

"Cameron Trost has brought together a dark pantry of crime stories and mysteries, and cooked up a
gumbo rich and spicy enough to befit any of the world’s sultry cities… but these happen to be set in Brisbane. Sixteen short stories take the reader from Morningside to Indooroopilly, from Hamilton to Acacia Ridge. There is baking sun and flooding rains, police procedurals and criminal capers, murderous mermaids and poison pens... all give a ripple of pleasure to the reader who knows Brisbane – or wants to know it – and who has wondered why stories of murder, malice, and magic couldn’t be set here. And of course, they should be: Brisbane’s shadows are as dark and good to
hide in as any in the world – and Subtropical Suspense revels in this."

- Stephen M. Irwin, author of The Dead Path and screenwriter of Secrets & Lies and Harrow 

"Each tale is written with an affection for detail that will resonate with people who know Brisbane intimately. It gives readers a broader sense of what could be going on in our neighbours' back yards. Or perhaps it gives us all a greater insight into what could happen if we allow our minds to wander down dark alleyways and turn strange corners."

- Tom Snowdon, journalist for The Courier-Mail