Saturday, 11 March 2023

The Black Beacon Book of Horror: Release Date and Table of Contents

We're proud to announce the contributing authors and stories for The Black Beacon Book of Horror. This is going to be huge! The anthology will be published on Friday the 13th of October so everyone can grab an ebook or print copy in the lead-up to Halloween.

Now, are you ready to discover the line-up?

Drum roll...

The Guisers by David Turnbull
The House on the Bluff by Edward Lodi
The Choir by Kev Harrison
Ruby's Syzygy by Matthew R. Davis
Humus by Sam Dawson
Questions a Man Ought Not to Ask by Elizabeth Broadbent
Marjorie by Meg Belviso
Children of Blood by Greg Chapman
Quiver by Angelique Fawns
Cameo by Deborah Sheldon
The Great Invocation by David Schembri
Dominion by Jeff Wood
Divine Liquor by C.C. Adams
Landslide by Harris Coverley
Holiday Home by Cameron Trost
Her Mother's Lullaby by Micah Castle

For the first time ever, this anthology includes stories by both the cover artist, Greg Chapman, and the man behind our logo, David Schembri.

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