Monday 1 January 2024

A Mysterious Year: Anthology Submissions

Welcome to 2024! Black Beacon Books has another big year planned in terms of publications and submissions windows. First up, let's announce two anthologies that will be open for submissions. This year, we're getting more mysterious than ever! 

Steampunk Sleuths

Deadline: October 31st, 2024

The genre of mystery is designed to get the cogs cranking, but let's not forget that steampunk is all about cogs too! Why not bring them together? Steampunk Sleuths will be an anthology of four novelettes (15 - 20,000 words) featuring detectives in a steampunk setting solving peculiar crimes. The only requirements for submission will be that the means of committing the crime (murder, theft, kidnapping...) must be clearly steampunk and the reader must be given the tools to crack the case before the solution is revealed. Think Agatha Christie and Jules Verne getting kinky together... um, actually, please don't. ;) 

* Previously unpublished only

* Double the standard rate for this one: $50 USD

The Third Black Beacon Book of Mystery

Deadline: July 31st, 2024

You've all read the first two volumes, right? The idea of this anthology series is to make each volume more gripping, more memorable, and more mysterious than the last. We're looking for short stories with an unforgettable protagonist and a clever puzzle to solve. Standard anthology conditions apply as per the Submissions Page

Please read and follow our guidelines on the submissions page.

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