Tuesday, 25 October 2022

An Interview with H.K. Stubbs

Our next edge-of-your-seat anthology, A Hint of Hitchcock, will be released in time for Halloween, and is available for Kindle pre-order today for just $1.99 instead of $3.99. While the suspense is building, we're interviewing the contributing authors so you know a little more about what makes them tick... 

Hi Helen, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed. Let’s get started!

The first question is inevitable...which Hitchcock film is your personal favourite, and why? Which actor or actress do you think was the best he worked with?

My favourite Hitchcock film is North by Northwest, for all the twists and turns, the on-the-edge-of-my-seat confusion, and humour, as I tried to work out what was going on and marvelled at the storytelling, trusting that it would all make sense in the end. It’s a very immersive film. I really empathise with Roger Thornhill because Cary Grant plays the role superbly. Grant is definitely one of the best, there’s something special about him.

What is it about Hitchcock’s films that makes them so timeless, or is it just the opposite, that the appeal lies in that bygone era?

I think they’re timeless in that they’re well-written, powerfully executed and styled, but also, there’s something about that era which is captivating. There was a chance of getting away with things. Communication was more restricted (no mobile phones) and there was less surveillance. It makes it more exciting; there were knowledge gaps, and there was a better chance of getting away with crimes! 

Do you have a favourite director, other than Hitchie himself, of course?

I struggle to pick favourites, but I’m going to say Sophia Coppola for Marie Antoinette, it’s a very fun film with gorgeous sets, wardrobe, and cake.

Without giving too much away, how did you come up with the idea for your story in A Hint of Hitchcock?

I wanted a heroine in an occupation often taken for granted and underestimated; I wanted mystery, confusion, murder; I wanted the big American house, the noir feel, some super-feminine women. Shiny hair, fine coats, guns. I wanted adventure!

Time to get more personal. Tell us three interesting facts about yourself.

I’d love to get one of my novels into a publishable shape one day. I live with my partner, two kids, a French Bulldog, a cat, a quail, and some fish. Birds, lizards, and green frogs live in our yard. I recently escaped on a three-night rock-climbing trip to the Blue Mountains and am pretty sure I brought Covid home with me. The climbing was great, as was catching up with a school friend and seeing the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House for the first time in a while.

What do you aim to give your readers?

Entertainment and a page-turning good time. A story to remember. I definitely write with my reader in mind. I don’t want to bore them.

What are you working on now? 

Why, this interview, of course! Oh, you meant more generally…well I’m editing my climbing fantasy novel, called Starstone, or maybe Starcrags. It’s an adventure story aimed at adults/young adults. A bit of romance. A quest. A lot of climbing.

Where can we find you online?

Twitter: @superleni
Instagram: @helenstubbs
YouTube: Helen Stubbs
My blog: https://helenstubbs.wordpress.com

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