Wednesday, 18 January 2023

Let's Work Together!

Independent publishers can't, unfortunately, rely on quality alone. We know we're putting quality original fiction out there. We know our books are professionally edited and made available to the reading public worldwide. That, however, isn't enough. Realistically speaking, it's not even what matters most in terms of "moving units". All that really matters is marketing, marketing, marketing...and while big publishers can afford billboards and paid promotions, we can't. This is where you, the avid reader, comes into play, and you have all the tools needed to help us get the job done right here on our website. Below are three simple steps to follow to help us grow.

1. Buy our books. Sure, it sounds obvious, but we're producing top-notch books and not enough are being sold. Don't leave this site until you've ordered at least one of our books either as an ebook or paperback.

2. Become a patron. You can support us and reap the exclusive benefits by becoming a Patreon patron. There are five tiers: Shipwreck Survivor, Moonlight Smuggler, Sea Witch, Assistant Keeper, and Lighthouse Keeper.

3. Simplest of us on social media. Follow our pages. Likes our posts. Rate and review our books. Our social media platforms are listed here: We're particularly active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and we have our own profile on Goodreads, which is the best place to find reviews and ratings of our books, and of course, to leave your own.

Come on and get active in 2023! The more you support us, the more great reads we can give you!


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  1. The big publishers may be able to afford billboards and paid promotion - but fankly, those don't achieve much anyway. We're inundated with advertising everywhere, it's just unwelcome noise, and we simply tune it out. When's the last time you bought a book because of a billboard or paid promotion? :-D We don't need to envy that. Instead, let's focus on the marketing advantages we have: the personal touch, and simply being real.