Monday, 19 September 2022

An Interview with Jason Fischer

Our next edge-of-your-seat anthology, A Hint of Hitchcock, will be released in time for Halloween, and is available for Kindle pre-order today for just $1.99 instead of $3.99. While the suspense is building, we're interviewing the contributing authors so you know a little more about what makes them tick...

Hi Jason, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed. Let’s get started!

The first question is inevitable...which Hitchcock film is your personal favourite, and why? Which actor or actress do you think was the best he worked with?

Psycho. The reason is for the uniqueness of the plot and the skilful way in which Hitchcock keeps you
in suspense from the first to the last scene. For the overall body of work, it's Jimmy Stewart. However, the best single performance is by Anthony Perkins. Specifically, the parlor scene in Psycho for the subtle decisions he makes as an actor to show the depths of Norman's character.

What is it about Hitchcock's films that makes them so timeless, or is it just the opposite, that the appeal lies in that bygone era?

I believe they are timeless. The emotions he evokes are universal and no other director is as gifted at
drawing you into the character's plight.

Do you have a favourite director, other than Hitchie himself, of course?

Steven Spielberg. He is the only other director who can pull you into the story and hold your attention for the entire length of the film as well as Hitchcock could.

Without giving too much away, how did you come up with the idea for your story in A Hint of Hitchcock?

Like most of my stories, the inspiration came rather quickly after reading the request. I was thinking about all the Alfred Hitchcock movies I’ve watched and how I was always drawn to plots that had characters isolated in a foreign place and with no typical resources to aid them.

Time to get more personal. Tell us three interesting facts about yourself.

I’m an avid cyclist. Last year, I rode the equivalent mileage from Anchorage, Alaska, to Salvador, Brazil, using the trails around my home. In my spare time, I build furniture, including my library. In that library, I have perhaps the largest private collection of Alfred Hitchcock anthologies. Writing is in my blood as the nephew of the late crime novelist, Eugene Izzi. At a very early age, he introduced me to literature, and I immediately loved it.

What do you aim to give your readers? 

I’d like to take them away from their daily lives for a few minutes to experience a different world.

What are you working on now?

I’ve just completed my first book, The Haunting of Brementowne Mall and I am working on
completing my first Rex Hanning novel.

Where can we find you online?

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